PP, 2.5" x 20", 1 micron



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The HydroCare PPF-2520-01 spun polypropylene water filter cartridge reduces sediment which typically serves as an RO Prefilter. This filter can also be used for a variety of water filtration needs, including residential, commercial, and municipal drinking water. PPF-2520-01 is a high quality replacement polypropylene sediment filter that fits any standard filter housings that use 20″ x 2.5″ filter cartridges.

Additional Information

  • Reduces fine sediment particles from residential, commercial, and municipal drinking water.
  • Actual filter dimensions are 20″ L x 2.44″ D.
  • Nominal filtration rating of 1 micron.
  • Initial pressure drop of <1 psi at a flow rate of 10 gpm.
  • Temperature rating of 40°F to 176°.
  • Made with melt-blown spun polypropylene filter media.

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